Our Food...

We think food tastes better with friends so we’ve created a menu to make sure you can always find a meal that’s ideal whatever the occasion.  Whether you’re looking for a 100% British beef burger topped with cheese, crisp bacon & onion rings or a meat-free option such as our goats cheese, wheatberry, beetroot & couscous salad, we have the lot.  

We are particularly proud of our pizzas.  The perfect pizza starts from the bottom up.  Our bespoke bases are made using authentic Italian ingredients and carefully pulled and rolled by hand. We then top with our hand-picked ingredients, each bursting with flavour, and stone-bake to crispy perfection.  

If your feeling a bit peckish then why not choose a selection of snacking plates to enjoy with friends?  They are ideal with a beer from our extensive range, a bottle of fizz or a delicious G&T made with one of our select list of British gins and Fever-Tree tonic.  Choose 3 snacking plates and it’s only £10.95. 

A note on our free range eggs- 

Due to instruction from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) we have been advised that our Free Range eggs have been laid by hens temporarily housed in barns for their welfare. Our supplier wish to support these farmers and the welfare of their flocks and therefore our Free Range eggs will shortly carry this advice until the risk to hens has been reduced.

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